VRFG Nozzles

We proudly present to you

The Vortex Random Flow Generator nozzles (VRFG), are a state of the art evolution of the random flow generator and eductor nozzles. Innovitech has successfully revolutionised these type of nozzles through research and with the use of complex Fluid Dynamics software. Innovitech is probably the only company that has used CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics software) to improve this design and prove it’s usability through R&D.

Three major differences with the VRFG and from what else is provided in the market to date are:

1)  No flow restriction from the nozzle cone, as the eductor nozzles provide. A straight and open design to allow more flow to pass through the nozzle, without restricting it.

2) Swirl support flaps for the venturi, to pickup more water volume from the surroundings. Not only the nozzles achieve more flow than they are fed with, but prepare the momentum of the extra flow to be received by the vortex flaps within the nozzle at the correct angle.

3) Angle of Attack (or AOA as know in Fluid Dynamics) of the internal swirl flaps is very aggressive but at the same time non restrictive. This special design offers a more random flow that the corals love, but at the same time a very wide flow pattern.

A new era of engineering is showing the way towards evolution, as with these major improvements, Innovitech has seen that there is no requirement for expensive wavemakers and powerheads within the tank.

The extremely wide and random pattern of flow simulates a lot what we observe in nature and only the return pump would suffice if enough nozzles are incorporated throughout the fish tank, as the total turnover volume of the nozzles is more than the return pump itself because of the clever and non restrictive venture design.

Here’s a closeup representation of coral movement. Example taken from a 7ft tank and no wavemakers are used, this is the flow generated from the VRFG nozzles alone

The VRFG nozzle is offered in a double locline type arrangement with a 25mm (1”) female pipe socket. More arrangements and sizes will be available soon.