Welcome to Innovitech

Innovitech is a premium engineering designer and manufacturer of high end equipment with focus on marine reef systems.  Our products are proudly designed in the UK.  We have premises both in the UK and the EU.

X Filter

Our premium digitally controlled automatic roll filters with a highly effective water particulate filtration. Primarily for use in marine, tropical & freshwater aquariums to replace the use of filter socks & floss.

VRFG Nozzles

The Vortex Random Flow Generator nozzles (VRFG), are a state of the art evolution of the random flow generator and eductor nozzles. Innovitech has successfully revolutionised these type of nozzles through research and with the use of complex Fluid Dynamics software. Innovitech is probably the only company that has used CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics software) to improve this design and prove it’s usability through R&D.

Stay Tuned

More products are coming soon....