VRFG Nozzles


The Vortex Random Flow Generator nozzles (VRFG), are a state of the art evolution of the random flow generator and eductor nozzles. Innovitech has successfully revolutionised these type of nozzles through research and with the use of complex Fluid Dynamics software. Innovitech is probably the only company that has used CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics software) to improve this design and prove it’s usability through R&D.

  • Push fit directly on a 25mm pipe
  • High flow design, each nozzle set supports up to 4000lph/1000gph
  • Makes wavemakers redundant if enough nozzle sets are used in the display tank
  • 100% safe material
  • Venturi draws display tank water and mixes it with return pump water, more lph through nozzle
  • Natural water movement for corals
Weight 1 kg